2016: 50 Reasons To Be Thankful!

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"It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy."

While most of us pursue happiness in life, we forgot that one secret to it is being grateful in everything that you have even in the most trivial matters which others see nothing.

As a yearly regimen of exercising my gratefulness here are top 50 things that I am most thankful for the past 2016. Let me know what is yours.

1. US visa approval - multiple entry weee!
2. New Visa sponsored activity - bo-bo-bo-bowling!
3. Vietnam trip with the most beautiful sister I have :D (kasi dalawa lang nman kami hehe)
4. Being able to spend time with my Kuya Gary in Dubai
5. Short stint in UAE and being able to visit 2 of its emirates - Dubai and Abu Dhabi
6. New friends I met during the Holy Land Tour
7. Weekends!
8. Finished reading the Bible by God's grace
9. Efficient airport of Singapore - Changi!
10. CCF live stream every Sunday
11. Free badminton games via Visa Badminton Club
12. Healthy 2016, no sickness, medical cert or hospitalization.
13. Ticking scuba diving from my bucket list :)
14. Being able to see pyramids in person. Egypt!
15. Walking in the paths of Jerusalem where Jesus walked 2000 years ago.
16. Boating in the Sea of Galilee where Jesus calmed the storm.
17. Safe travels this year
18. Hiking Mount Sinai where God gave the ten commandments to Moses.
19. Finished studying the book of Matthew with our group
20. All the good night sleep :)
21. New friends, colleagues I met this year esp. those who serves as encouragement and inspiration.
22. Financial provision and freedom
23. More water, less soda kinda year for me
24. The joy of blogging and all the blog entries I wrote this year
25. Experiencing holy land tour - Egypt, Israel, Jordan with my dgroup sisters
26. Utilizing my Frisbee more this year
27. Good health for my family especially my dear parents. This is gold!
28. Morning commutes! Clears my mind and give me moment to think.
29. First time in Bali, Indonesia. Unli-massage!
30. Being able to join my first #GlobalHackathon experience in Visa
31. Badminton and Bodysteps weekends
32. Musicals I got to watch this year - Les Mis and Wicked
33. Birthday with Kat who travelled all the way from Manila \o/
34. Running my first full marathon #SCMS2016. Oh yeah!
35. Birthday cakes, surprises from OFFICEmates :D
36. Visa running club who's BIG encouragement during my training.
37. Strength both physical and mental to kick off marathon from my bucket list
38. Comfy bed and new pillows zzzzzzZZZZZ
39. Hitting my blog goals this 2016. Thoughts Brewing were able to published 50++ posts. Yey!
40. Passing Certified Tester Advanced Level (CTAL) exam wooot!
41. Moisturizer, hand creams and lotions!
42. Zero injury, no Medical Certificate(MC) and fast recovery after running marathon
43. CHRISTmas, year-end parties I get to attend this year
44. Presenting "Megumi" my first and new MacBook Pro I got via Visa's Employee Purchase Discount perks. More blogging and writing in 2017.
45. New sports, activities I got to try this year - Scuba diving, surfing, wall climbing, 4x4 drive in sand dunes
46. Volunteer activities and opportunities to give back - CCF Kids Church, writing ministry
47. All the pictures taken this year that captures a thousand worth of memories
48. #invest-in-experiences-not-things adventures this year
49. Water bottles, keeps me hydrated in the office
50. #DBS online banking and remittance services! Makes our OFW lives so much easier.


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