Year-ender Family Trip to Bataan!

Wherever your family is, there your heart will always be.

Being an overseas Filipino worker, it's always a delight going back to the Philippines especially on CHRISTmas season where family usually come together to celebrate not only the holidays but to catch up and enjoy the presence of everyone.

Food taste better when shared with the family on the dining table. Holidays are more festive when every member of the family is around. Places are more memorable when traveled by the whole gang. Finally pictures becomes more meaningful if it displays delighted faces of the people you love the most.
Have a prosperous and blessed new year everyone! --Mangalo Family

Our family may not be perfect but we are intact because we have each other.

This year, we are blessed to celebrate the new year in Bucco Bali, Morong Bataan with the whole Mangalo family. Vacation itself was already pleasant but spending it with the family made it extra fun. The kids get to swim all day long, play basketball, sing their heart out in karaoke, catch the waves, play in the sand, experience boodle fight, touch baby pawikans, roast marshmallows in bonfire and enjoy the food. We definitely had so much memories shared this 2015 and we are looking forward to more bonding moments in 2016.

Here's some of the snapshots I took in our year-ender family trip in Bataan. Let the pictures speak for itself. Enjoy!

Nanay and Tatay tandem at the grilling station
First boodle fight with the gang!
Before and after pic of the boodle fight.
My not-so-babies pamangkin with baby pawikans.
Karaoke bonding while waiting for media noche!
"Nasa iyo na ang lahat, minamahal kita pagkat.." our mini-Daniel Padilla in the family :D
Karaoke pa more until morning!
Waiting for fire to subside to roast the marshmallows.
Bon fire on the beach.
Back to back to back cuteness.
Ramiah in action!
To the beach!!!
Marichu, me, Tatay, Nanay, Gemson and Glaiza Mangalo
Raizelle, Glaiza and Ramiah Mangalo-Munar
Genesis, Marichu and Godwin Castro-Mangalo
Bye Bucco Bali Bataan!


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