2015: 50 Reasons To Be Thankful!

In order to capture more of my 2015 life's blessings, I started working on this post as early as the second quarter of 2015 instead of waiting for the year to end and trying to remember every single reason to be thankful.

Fresh memories makes easier to put into wordings.

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As my yearly regimen, here are the fifty reasons why I am grateful for the past year.

1. Weekends!
2. New transition glasses courtesy of Visa
3. Reliable Google search engine
4. Coffee and tea!
5. For cute and sweet nephews and niece
6. Beating my personal record - 2 minutes of Rubiks cubing
7. 28th SEA Games 2015 Opening ceremony experience
8. Super food avocado!!! My new favorite protein food!
9. SGD 60.00 one-way ticket from Singapore to Manila(November flight) by Cebu Pacific \o/
10. Financial stability
11. Healthy and active 2015 for me and my entire family
12. Corporate membership in True Fitness. Get to save 150sgd monthly from my previous True Yoga membership.
13. Good weather all throughout the year here in SG, no super typhoons and floods
14. Safe and fun travel of my charming nephews Godwin and Genesis here in Singapore last April
15. Revealing Jesus concert by Darlene Zschech!
16. Dgroup ladies who inspires me to love and be like Jesus
17. Trainings, certifications courtesy of Visa
18. Online streaming of CCF
19. More than 8-hour sleep almost everyday
20. Being able to spend my birthday with my family back home :)
22. New found hobby in colouring books
23. Travels
24. Flexible time in the office
25. 2016 Starbucks notebook through the generosity of Jasper
26. Badminton Mondays
27. IDG Tuesdays
28. DGroup Wednesdays
29. Running Thursdays
30. Free Fridays
31. Chores-Bodysteps Saturdays
32. Church Service-Dgroup Lunch Sundays
33. Performance bonus and increase as early as November
34. My November birthday cakes. Turtle cake from Contis, Oreo cake from Polar and Matcha Green tea from Breadtalk. Sweetness overload!
35. First half marathon via Standard Chartered Singapore, finished in 2 hours 58 minutes strong.
36. My bed and pillows
37. Perfumes, perfumes and perfumes! Did I mentioned perfume?
38. FAMILY!!!
39. Long CHRISTmas vacation back home
40. New friends, badminton buddies, church friends and acquaintances
41. Fifty plus blog posts published in my Thoughts Brewing blogger site
42. Jabra wireless earphones c/o Jasper
43. Under Armoured hoodie jacket year-end gift by Visa
44. New experiences, skills and learnings
45. Opportunity to serve and share Jesus through Sunday school and writing ministry
46. Healthy 2015 for me and my family
47. Friends, family who visited me here in Singapore
48. Home cooked meals!
49. Passing the ISTQB Foundation level certification
50. Answered prayers!

Hello 2016! Please be nice to me :)


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