10 Things Women Should Already Know in their Thirties

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When I was in my late 20's I have mixed emotions -- excited, anxious, uncertain -- trying to imagine crossing the line towards big 3-0. My heart cannot comprehend how do you say goodbye to exciting and vibrant 20's and transition to mature 30's? But science has proven, this is something we all cannot escape.

By experience, hitting that mark is not that bad at all. I eventually realize my 30's developed that confidence and provided freedom my 20's failed to serve.  So I am paying forward to all the 30-something-women-like-me-once-in-their-life who are still struggling, surrender honey! Keep calm and embrace 3-0-something, there so much thing to learn and look forward to.

1. Save like crazy
Independence starts with your finances. Pay all your debts. Set-up an emergency fund. Invest. Live within your means. Stop procrastinating. Most importantly start now!  

2. It's not how many friends you have
As long as you are surrounded by a handful of genuine friends.

3. Be expert in something
"Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life" --Confucius

4. Find happiness inside out
It's not fair to look for happiness from a person or a job or an accomplishment. Happiness should start within you it overflows that you influence those people around you with your joy.

5. Invest in relationships
Relationships pay the best interest rates in the long run.

6. Travel 
To countries you've never been to. To places you only see on postcards. To immerse yourself in culture, arts, people and cuisine.

7. Take care of your health
Get a balanced nutrition. Exercise. Start a skincare routine. Moisturise. Do not miss your annual general check up. Get enough sleep.

8. Stop comparing yourself to others
You are fearfully and wonderfully made, you should know this by heart by now. Learn to love yourself so no one need to. Embrace your imperfections because no one will.

9. Know how to have real fun
So much fun that you miss out the time and don't bother to update your status in Facebook or upload picture in Instagram.

10. Forgive
Yourself and others. This is no longer the time for harbouring grudges. Enough for your excuses and please stop blaming others. You made a mistake, Fine! Everyone does. Learn from it gracefully and move on.


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