Thailand: Food Haven

If there's one thing that I could think of about the Kingdom of Thailand, aside from shopping spree, that would be food, food and food. Wait did I mentioned food?

While others visit this Southeast Asian country for tropical beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins and Buddha temples, we opted to spend most of the time pigging out and pampering our gut with the exotic flavours of Thailand.

Our three day stay to the bustling city of Bangkok is never enough and will never be, I could stay here and indulge forever. They had variety and wide array of Thai cuisine to savor yourself, food that will definitely excite your taste buds at the same time friendly to your pocket. Real good value for money.

Rabbit in the Kitchen's Crab Noodle and Mango shake
Hard Rock Cafe's Pad Thai
Jim Thompson's Green Curry Chicken
MBK Food Island's Vegetable Spring Roll and Pad Thai


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