Dear Blank, Please Blank (Part 3)

Dear Weekend,
If you were a destination, you'll be the most visited place on earth.
Sincerely, Packing my things now.

Dear Body step,
Who cares if I am missing out the steps or mostly catching up.
Sincerely, Dead tired and getting a good night sleep for sure.

Dear Laser,
Would you teach me how to acquire such FOCUS.
Sincerely, Distracted Employee

Dear Frisbee Disk,
It's been more than 2 years since you came, when can I ever play with you?
Sincerely, If only I can play alone.

Dear Colleagues,
I am a victim of dead batt mobile phone, my bed and cool room temperature. Please don't judge me.
Sincerely, Late employee who woke up at 10:20AM

Dear Blogspot,
Thanks for publishing my thoughts in the world wide web and letting my voice be heard.
Sincerely, Who needs a publisher nowadays?

Dear Body step instructor,
It would have been more encouraging, you not mentioning you have a flu for days now.
Sincerely, Insecure first timer who thinks I'm healthy but you move way better than I do.

Dear Dollar earner Pinoys,
Just because you're earning dollar doesn't make you rich.
Sincerely, Shape up, start saving and investing.


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