Less is More

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication -- Leonardo da Vinci

In our world where people's mindset are inclined to acquire belongings because we think need it or we want it or we deserve it or just because we can afford it, its challenging to say "NO" to the appealing signage of mall sales having deliberate connivance with the convenience of credit cards.

Before we know it, we have accumulated seemingly significant things which eventually looses its value yet its never enough.

As I attempt to incorporate "Less is More" manifesto in my life, I am writing out loud everything I can think of where I can practice a minimalist lifestyle. Hopefully the list will grow MORE not LESS :)

LESS time with Facebook, MORE time with real books.
LESS stuff, MORE space.
LESS desires, MORE contentment.
LESS debt, MORE savings.
LESS talk, MORE action.
LESS complain, MORE compliment.
LESS distraction, MORE focus.
LESS fear, MORE hope.
LESS possession, MORE surrender.
LESS idle, MORE exercise.
LESS expenses, MORE investments.
LESS grumbling, MORE gratitude.
LESS time partying, MORE time for family bonding.
LESS social networking, MORE social life.
LESS meat, MORE vegetables.
LESS apathy, MORE love.
LESS gadget, MORE travel.
LESS TV time, MORE quiet time.
LESS chips, MORE fruits.
LESS of me, MORE of others.
LESS drama, MORE reality.
LESS bitterness, MORE happiness.

If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough. -- Vicki Robin 


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