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I am afraid I will not hear the birds chirping when I wake up in the morning because I am clouded by the fears I fabricated in my mind.

I am afraid I am just waiting in vain.

I am afraid of the unknown.

I am afraid others would blame me I didn't cared enough to share God's love to them.

I am afraid that my loved ones will get hurt.

I am afraid my heart will grow indifferent to others because I'm consumed with my selfish desires and earthly dreams.

I am afraid my prayers will not get heard and just linger at the ceilings of my room.

I am afraid I had given all my best energies and time, only to find out in the end I pursued the non essentials of life.

I am afraid to miss out the chance to show love to the people I met in this life.

I am afraid to find answers to some questions I am afraid to ask.

I am afraid to find out I have relied too much on myself.

I am afraid I will lose you without showing how important and special you are to me.

I am afraid I'm going circles without an end in mind and not reaching anywhere.

I am afraid that one day I run out of ideas and stop writing, even if most of the time I'm the only one reading my pieces.

How about you, what are the things that you are afraid of?


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