One Not-So-Ordinary Day

I wonder who owns you before I find you inside SMRT train on my way home. I wonder what sorts of transactions you've gone through. I wonder how many people saw you but did not bother to take you maybe because you don't seem enticing for them. I even wonder how many did not even notice your sparkle. I just wonder.

Nevertheless, I'm glad I picked you up and hold you until I reach my stop. Finder's keepers. Though I don't consider myself lucky, that moment was magical. You brought an inexplicable joy to my childlike heart. Simple pleasures enough to lighten up my toxic day at the office. But still I wonder for a second why I find you and how you find me.

On my way to the bus station, I saw this middle-age man trying to make a living by selling paper napkins for one Singapore dollar. That very moment I already knew why I picked you up and when it's time to let go. I didn't bother about the napkins anymore, I just knew that this is the best thing I can do for you. Please understand, that I am not giving you away. I am helping you find your purpose.

That second I handed the one dollar to Uncle's palm, I felt a connection. I realize that somehow, somewhere we are all connected at some sorts. From the one who lost a dollar, to me who picked it up and now to the vendor.  

Finally, I wonder what will be the future adventures you'll go through after this encounter.


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