Cambodia Rocks!

Life pushes you around in different directions.

Just like how the tough wind blows the fallen dried leaves on autumn days. Just like how the rough waters navigates a drifting wood. You can remain aimless and yield wherever life brings you. Or you can choose to be firm with your convictions and focused on the great possibilities that is sometimes beyond what meets the eye.

Image courtesy of Roselle Vergonia
Be steadfast like a rock, who learned to make alliance with the ground.

Image courtesy of Roselle Vergonia
Be strong enough to say 'no' to good things so you can say 'yes' to the best of things.

Be humble and grounded.

Be faithful and remain to be one.

Be of courage and hopeful that there is still good left in this world.

Establish a good foundation in relationship built in love, respect, trust and time

Be still.

Cambodian rocks with its resilience, idleness and serenity thought me substantial foresight beyond their rubble.


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