Ten Things I Learned from Bowling

Friday night, our team is all set to swing to Marina Square's bowling alley and knocked down some pins. Who says we're a bunch of workaholics who only knew how to test and automate softwares?! Thanks to the birthday girl Graciel, for sponsoring this Bowling Tournament.

Although we were late, 'twas hell of a game. And so I find my fingers scribbling through this white blank post and writing my thoughts out loud. Here's my ten cents oops I meant ten things I learned in bowling that night.

Image courtesy of Jasper Vallejo's selfie snaps
1. Canals are not meant to show you missed. 
They are positioned to highlight you stayed on the course and hit the target.

2. Come in proper attire
Just like how you came prepared in that job interview or in your college thesis defense, your attire empowers you. It is your first line of defense. The same is true in bowling, comfortable bowling shoes, socks and clothes makes it possible for you to hit with a strike or maybe a spare, fine! at least some pins. :)

3. If you didn't get the strike, don't worry you have a second chance to spare it. 
In case you still didn't hit the pins after two attempts, you have ten frames ahead of you. Everybody deserves a second chance.

4. Balance
Balanced in the way you grip that ten or twelve pound ball. How much more in handling your life, always always know your priorities. No one is too busy in this world, it's all about priorities.

5. Release
You're not playing bowling until you release the ball. Sometimes in life, we keep holding on to things, memories and people when it's only until you let go of what you have in your hand right now can you experience better things because you allowed your hand to be free again. Yield!

6. Practice is the key
Practice not to defeat your opponent, but practice to surpass your self and improve within.Your worst enemy is always yourself.

7. It's not about the weight of the ball 
Choose a weight you are comfortable with and go for that full swing. It's necessary to listen to your body.

8. Bowling is more fun to play with friends, colleagues or family
Other than your bowling ball connecting to the pins. Connect with your friends, colleagues or family you are playing with. It will make a lot of sense to connect with people that the pins.

9. Never loose track
We are living in a distracted world. Most students are uncertain in the profession they want to pursue. Professionals are lost in their career paths. While we easily get preoccupied by the insignificant things pretending to be the important stuff, bowling reminded me to always set the target, aim and stick to it.

10.  Have Fun!
More than pressuring yourself to hit all the ten pins, to have that graceful professional-looking pose after you release the ball and to see your name across the top score sheet screen, give yourself a break. Enjoy the game and the people you're playing with. Laughing at your mistakes doesn't hurt that bad.


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