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This past few days in spite of the various activities happening around me, somewhere within I felt void. It's like shooting a substantial space in the wall without a target. Eventually get tired putting all my energy to draw each arrow one by one to shoot, only to remain aimless. Somehow, I felt wandering.

But something draws me to this one explicit and powerful word 'Stop' so I can catch up with my breath and give up searching in the dark abyss. Please join me, stop right there, right now and journey with me as I attempt to string words into phrases of ideas and inspirations for another blog entry to my one-word-project - STOP.

Stop comparing yourself to others. People have one thing in common, they are all different. Cuddle your peculiarity and invest in your uniqueness.
Stop discrimination.
Stop wasting your time checking facebook feeds. 
Stop phubbing. A term coined to describe ignoring a person in front of you in favour of a smart phone. This planet had enough phubbers already.
Stop hurting the people you love and love you back to bits.
Stop working hard. Start working smart.
Stop procrastination. Reading all materials about fishing does not make you a fisherman. Unless you start hooking a bait and throwing that rod in the pond or sea.
Stop pleasing people.
Stop worrying.

Stop going to the office just because you are expected to show up. Engage with people. Smile at your colleague. Reach out to a friend. Asking your team mate, how was his day can go a long way.
Stop making excuses.
Stop taking advantage of others.
Stop voicing out your frustrations to everybody. Find few genuine friends who can handle your outburst.
Stop living for others.  
Stop chatting if that colleague is just few steps away from you. Interact.
Stop buying things you don't need.
Stop being a superwoman. Get a masteral in delegation. Asking help is not always a sign of weakness, in fact you are creating opportunities for others to help and step up.
Stop over thinking.
Stop trying to be perfect. 

Stop blaming others. Owning up the consequences of your decisions and actions, is a baby step towards maturity.
Stop bullying.
Stop feeling sorry about yourself. 


Good thoughts!!..appreciate it
GiRLie said…
Thanks for stopping by Naresh!

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