Dear Ces

Other people believe there's no good in goodbyes, after all goodbye means leaving the people you love, abandoning the somewhat routine you've been used to, walking away from the career you've already established and starting all over again in a new place you wish to call home.

But for you leaving is more than just parting ways or an escape. It is obedience to the One who calls us to go where ever we are right now. It means having the courage to make that step of faith even though it does not make sense at the moment. And for those reasons, I can only be grateful for the opportunity to have met someone who loves the Lord as much as you do. Someone who intentionally make that effort to tune in to God's heart and surrender to His plans.

More than a friend, you are a sister in Christ who is always there to listen to our frustrations and daily struggles at work. You have inspired us with your stories of love and sacrifices at work and to your circle of influence. You are as noble as your profession. You also reminded me of the infinite love of God with His patience and perseverance in pursuing you to be His daughter. And just recently you have demonstrated how you chose to remain at peace with the Lord, always grateful, even if the seemingly important possession are taken away from us. If your newly bought Gold iPhone 5S returns to you anytime now, it'll only be an icing on top of the cake, because you already learned the essentials. To never rely on the material gifts but to always focus on the Giver.

A friend once said, leaving is for the brave. You are brave! Brave enough to leave the comfortable life here in Singapore. Brave enough to face the unknown back in the Philippines. Brave because I know it is the word and promises of God that gives you the courage to move.

Thank you Ces for blessing us with your life's testimony. I am certain that this is not the end but just the beginning of more opportunities to be used by God in our dear country. Greater space of serving and growing closer to Him.

God bless you Ces! Just like the old song, "I can't say goodbye to you, no matter how I try" ( Please don't make me sing the song :D si Belle na lang or si Kitin baka magvolunteer :P ) because all my heart wants to do right now is to cheer you with a "Go Ces! Follow your heart as you follow the Lord!"

Here are some of the many pictures together with our all girls dgroup. We may come from different backgrounds and orientations but its comforting to know that the love of God unite us together in this circle of friends. Hopefully these bring a thousand smile to your charming face even if we'll be thousand miles away.

Honestly I had a hard time more on filtering which photos to include in this post because we have so many ;))


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