Stands versus Court Analogy

In every organization or team there will only be two types of people. The one who is in the stands or the one who is in the court.

The one who is in the stands are people who can shout to the top of their lungs and blabber all they want while watching the game. These are the people who highlights the problem but doesn't provide solutions to it. They are the ones who doesn't give way for others opinion because what only matters to them is theirs as if their idea will solve the greatest problem of humanity. People who are easy to point out the mistakes of others. People who does not know how to listen. People who are fast to criticize but slow to compliment. But these kind of people no matter how loud they shout, they will never be able to add a single point of advantage for the team, because they are not really part of the game.

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On the other hand, the one who is in the court is a team player.  A person who understands that no role is trivial, for every position if done efficiently will be a fundamental contribution for the team to achieve its goal. He is a person who is humble enough to recognize other player's talent and encourage them. Person who is not afraid to share his knowledge and build up people. Not insecure enough to think that others might outshine them. Person who recognize that it's not all the time that his ideas are the best ones. Person who accepts his weaknesses but work his way out in improving himself. He is the kind of person who gives his best and do the extra mile in every task assigned to him. A person who does not crave for approval and validation of his skill because he already knew what he's capable of. The one who is in the court will always have the opportunity to contribute to the team, because they chose to be part of the solution.

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What kind of employee are you? Don't remain shouting in the stands when you can be the one playing in the court. And when the time comes that the ball is in your hand, work your heart out and give your best. You'd never know, the crowd would never know, that that single shot you'll make could define the winning moment for your team.

First heard this analogy during one of the scrums slash team meeting we had from my lead here in Singapore. And I would say one of my light bulb moment. Only this time I have the chance to write about it. Finally! 


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