I Wrote This For You

I wrote this vow even before I met you.
Not because I am a typical girl who believes in fairytale love story.
Or a princess who longs for a prince who will sweep her off her feet.

I wrote this because I knew you were real.
Busy working his heart out to build his dreams.
Finding himself and making his own story.
That just like me you are also hopeful.

You may not have a face yet, but I know you are worth more than a face.
You are a soul full of love to give, a man of integrity, a man of God.

You are far from perfect but so am I.
We may not have the ideal relationship but who does have.

Today, I choose you.
To laugh with you in good times and comfort you in your darkest moments.
To grow with you even if it means unlearning things I used to know or relearning things in your perspective.
To build our dreams together.

I cannot promise that you'll never have problems from now on.
But I commit to you that you will never have to face them alone.

I commit to make this relationship work, nurturing it every single day of our life together.
I commit to accept you as who you are and respect our differences.

I don't believe in you.
I don't believe in me.
But I believe in us.
I believe in forever because I knew that you will be there.


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