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To be able to draw inspiration in writing this post, I needed to get myself back to running. And boy, I need to mention that its easier said than done. Deciding to run is one thing, executing it is totally a different story.

Every Saturday morning, I struggled to make sure that the force of engaging myself to this activity doesn't end in the mind as my bed appeals to me to sleep ten more minutes which usually ends in hours. But I need to make a choice and that decision should be felt by my feet and my heartbeat as it pound faster while I push myself to make that extra mile.

Fortunately for the past few weeks, I ended up with my feet geared with running shoes, my Runkeeper app and music player dashing through the ground. And as always it felt good.

What motivates me to run? Let me walk you through some of the thoughts and ideas that is running in my head right now :)

Run to empty your mind.
Run to listen to the birds chirping as you pass them by.
Run to marvel on the majestic array of flowers, plants and trees along the road.

Run and let your feet take the freedom to go far.
Run and let the wind blow against your face.
Run and let your heartbeat dance with your feet.

Run as you allow the wind to play with your hair.
Run as you let the Sun touch your fair skin and add color to it.
Run as you face that morning with your renewed strength.

Run and forget what lies behind.
Run and press on what lies ahead.
Run and learn from your past as you face your future.

Run from people who already give up on their dreams and tells you to forget yours.
Run from negative crowd who are easy to criticize others.
Run from critical people who points out mistakes but does not want to be part of the solution.

Run from temptation as it tries to devour you then leave you defeated after giving in.
Run from all your insecurities as it seek to weigh you down.
Run from your enemy not because you're afraid of them but because they're not worth your time.

Run with pocket full of perseverance.
Run with a goal to finish the race.
Run with your loved ones.

Run for yourself.
Run for a healthy future with your spouse and children.
Run for a cause.

But most importantly run because its fun. :)


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