I miss gazing at the horizon and wonder how wide is the ocean and how deep is the seas
I miss stepping my bare feet at the beach and feel the fine grains of sands sifts through my toes
I miss watching people and observing facial expressions
I miss talking to my nephews and nieces even if its all childish and non-sense talk
I miss my favorite spot in the dining area where I can eat with the whole family
I miss blogging and writing my heart out
I miss reading books inside a public library with vast collection of books and books. Did I mention book?
I miss the feeling of looking forward to weekends so I can go home to my parents
I miss conversing with my mom/nanay and listening to her stories even if she frequently forgot that she already told it once to me
I miss riding shuttle and public utility vehicles
I miss hearing my nephews and nieces laugh and scream as they play outside the house
I miss planning for trips and writing itineraries
I miss designing scrapbook pages
I miss seeing a rainbow in the sky and trying to figure out where I can find the pot of gold
I miss eating pichi-pichi, a Filipino delicacy made specially by my late grand mother
I miss attending Sunday service with my family together
I miss traffic jams in the Philippines, yes for some weird reason I miss them.
I miss requesting for my favorite dish to my dad/tatay
I miss telling stories to my mom how my week goes


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