Got Engaged!

Being single in a world where everybody expects you to be with someone can be frustrating. Imagine how not just the society but the very people you grew up with - relatives and friends tries to measure your happiness and fulfilment by having a partner in life. Seriously? If having a partner would make people happy, help me understand why there are broken families and divorce cases all over the world. I know I am not in the position to give a speech here and I don't intend to do that either. I love seeing young couples exchange vows in their wedding day. I admire married couples growing old together, just like my parents. Reading love stories captivates me, particularly the true to life accounts. But status is just a phase, it is not meant to define you. Your attitude is your real identity. Take pleasure on this liberating facet of life. Single-hood is a blessing. Enjoy it while you can.

Last Saturday, June 22, I had the opportunity to attend Engaged concert organized by CCF Singapore at YMCA for the single people. I thanked God for the freedom to sing songs of worship to God whenever, wherever we desire. I am moved by the hearts of all the volunteers and workers who made the event possible for God's glory.

T'was a delight to see the auditorium packed with 200+ vibrant single men and women from all different walks of life. We might come to that place with different agendas.. some may be there scouting for a possible partner, others might be dragged or invited by a friend, for some they just need to fill their Saturday night with some activity. But as we fill the place with praises, hear the message, witness the testimony and fellowship with one another, we all go home with a renewed and grateful heart. And in the end that's what matters to God.  

Pastor Jay Jackson with the message
One night of celebration honouring God through praise and worship. Different instruments. Different voices. One music. One heart. All for the glory of the One true God.

Set #2 Praise and Worship Team
Set #3 Praise and Worship Team
Here's some of the many great songs in the concert that captures my heart. Songs that reminded me how wonderful it is to be loved by God.

While it is inevitable that I stumble and feel alone along this journey of single-hood, there's one encouragement I take home from Engaged that night. One of my AHA! moment, that is to know that I am being pursued. You and I. The Lord Jesus longs to have an intimate relationship to each one of us. A personal relationship being offered to us not because we are pleasing to God but because He loved us in spite of our flaws and shortcomings. An unconditional love He once proved in the Cross. A relationship that will not break our hearts because God already broke His heart for us. A relationship that will not hurt us because Jesus already took the pain in our place.

Respond to His love and be engaged! And witness how He will add colour to your world and put meaning in your life like never before. 

Dgroup sisters (left-right)
Michelle, me, Kitin, Angela, Belle, Ces and Jovy


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