Faith in the Morning After

Every once in a while, frustration and distress can find its way to sneak inside your heart and hang out in your head as if there's a room for them.

There will be days when you feel you're not good enough because you did not measure up on the expectation you set to yourself or the world set on you. Days when you snap out over edgy situations in the office or at home. Days when things crumble in your face one after another. Days when you start to loose hope on your dream because you come to meet Mr. Reality face to face. Days when your heart is downcast for no reason at all. Days when you don't understand why you're doing what you're doing. Days when you no longer look forward for the days to come. Days when you feel restless and tired with all the static-roller-coaster-ride-of-life which brings you nowhere.

It is bound to happen. Ready or not. To you or me. It's not everyday that you feel good about yourself. It's not everyday that you feel like smiling to everyone as if you owe them that look. It's not everyday that you feel like lending a helping hand because all your hands are also full. It's not everyday that your creative beans produce the grandest ideas of all.

When that day come, remember that you always have an option. You do. You can choose to accept the bear or nurture the beast. Thinking happy thoughts could be helpful as what Peter Pan suggests but if there's one light bulb moment that brings me back to perspective, that is to know that in spite and despite of everything, there is Someone Greater among us who is in control of all. Someone who understands exactly every struggle we encounter. Someone who sees all our situation including the most gloomy stretch where you and I might be passing through right now.
No matter how dark the situation, all is not lost. There is a morning after.
All your pains and disappointments in your morning after are manageable. For you have God!
There is a morning after. When God speaks His grace. When God manifests His presence. When God shows is that He alone is enough.
And He certainly is!

-- Excerpts from Growing Deep in Faith by Edmund Chan 
Choose to have faith in the morning after. Have faith in a gracious God who gives another chance for all of us to experience the bright morning after the shadows of night.

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