Dear Blank, Please Blank

I've always been entertained by the entries in Dear Blank, Please Blank website. As a contribution to this growing list, here's my personal dear blank account. Enjoy! :)

Dear kids who want to grow up fast,
Think again!
                     Sincerely, Adult who longs for her childhood.

Dear talking elevators,

          Thanks for greeting me this morning.

                     Sincerely, Need someone to talk to

Dear Brain,

          Stop overthinking! You're killing me.

                     Sincerely, Peace of Mind

Dear Developers,

          You're suppose to fix the issue. Not resolve one to give way to a new one.

                     Sincerely, Battered  QA

Dear Candy Crush,

          Thanks for making me belief you're fun and free.

                     Sincerely, Now addicted but no lives left :( tempted to buy

Dear World,

          Do not follow your heart. Guard it

                     Sincerely, Proverbs 4:23

Dear Big Boss,

          I may not articulated it well during the meeting while others made their speech.

                     Sincerely, Silent employee who delivers

Dear Mom who always tells me to finish my food because there are many people starving,

          You're 100% this is good for me?

                     Sincerely, Kid who's starting to throw up everything she just ate.

Dear Ponytail,

          Thanks for always being there when things don't go well.

                     Sincerely, Bad hair day

Dear SMRT,

          Why does all your passengers always busy with their mobile phones.

                     Sincerely, Amused commuter who's starting to think you're a hot spot.

Dear Pimple,

          You're not suppose to show up today.

                     Sincerely, Girl who's trying to look good for her date tonight.

Dear Deployment Build,

          You're name suggests to strengthen and improve the current release.

                    Sincerely, Not destroy, as what usually happens.

Dear Friday,

You have no idea how long I had to wait for you. And now that you're back in my arms again I will never let you go.
         Sincerely, TGIF

Dear students,

Who relentlessly complain about their terror teachers/professors.
         Sincerely, Wait till you graduate and meet your boss


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