Reasons Why I Write

I write because I'd like to believe I have the answer. I write because I want to prove, 'hey I could scribble some words too.' I write because I want to make myself visible in the world wide web. I write because it encourages me to see other people cast comment on my posts. I write because I envy other writers who strings the perfect words into sentences effortlessly. I write because I love seeing my blog hits increase everyday. I write because I love the idea that people reads my stuff. I write because its nearing month end and there is not yet a single post in my blog for that month. I write because I want to impress people. 

More often if I make these as my motivation to write, frustration gets into me. Overwhelming me. Then writing becomes more of an obligation. Just a deadline I need to meet. Suddenly ideas grow into elusive dreams. Words become limited.   

Good thing there are two sides of the same coin. I chose to anchor my drive to write in the other side of the spectrum.

I write because I am grateful. I write because I felt so much blessed and I want to share that blessing to others. I write because I love staring in the white screen. I write because something bad happened to me, I want to warn and inform. I write because I want to encourage. I write because I love to hear the tick of the keyboard as I type. I write because its my me-time moment. I write because I don't want to forget. I write because I want to express myself. I write because I am pretty bad in vocabulary and writing obliges me to check for new words and its meaning.

I write because I want to present my ideas however lousy it is. I write because I want to influence for the better good. I write because I want to inspire, more than expressing my rants and grudges. I write because I cannot contain the joy I have inside that I need to release it someway, somehow. I write because I want to contribute. I write because I relish the moments when my mind wander. I write because I felt loved. I write because I want to communicate. I write because I've got so many questions and tries to find ways for solutions. I write because I believe in the power of words, how it moves people. I write not just to be heard but also to listen.

There would be too many reasons why I write. Too many drive to keep me writing. But if there's one point I want to share that for me is the best catalyst of effective writing. 

Five words. Just write your heart out!

Why should you believe me? 

Two words. It works!


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