Good Morning!

During one of our meet and greet with our new project members, our team lead asked us to introduce ourselves briefly and tell one misconception about ourselves. I remember telling them that one misconception about me is being a snobbish because I rarely smile and look to people.

Last Sunday I had a good opportunity to improve and practice on it, by serving  in the Ushering ministry in our church. 

Since this is my first time to volunteer in CCF Singapore, here are some of the apprehensions playing in my head. How should I smile and greet person I barely know? What if the person didn't respond or smile back? Isn't it awkward repeating a line over and over again just like a pirated CD, only this time its not a song but a greeting - Good morning!   

If there's something I take home that day... 

Smile is contagious. Once you welcome people with a genuine smile in your face it's unlikely that they will not smile back. And even if they don't, you're creating a positive energy around you spreading it to eternity affecting other souls, developing a grateful heart and an expectant outlook.

Smile to your colleague in the lobby.
Smile to that random person in the elevator.
Smile as you wake up each morning with renewed strength.
Smile as you pass by your neighbor going to work.
Smile as the illuminating rays of Mr. Sun touches your face.
Smile to that security guard faithfully doing his job in MRT.
Smile to the birds that wakes you up chirping.
Smile as you sing and dance to that praise song.

Smile to Mr. Bus driver who takes you to your destination safely.
Smile to that cute innocent baby, its probably one of the few gestures he may understand at the moment.
Smile as the day ends and you can now go home to rest.
Smile even if your tasks are weighing you down.
Smile when you speak to others in your mobile phone.
Smile as the wind breeze brushes your hair whenever you run.
Smile as you sip that hot coffee that will jump start your day.

Smile not just for others but for yourself.   
“It takes twenty-six muscles to smile and sixty-two muscles to frown.”
So why make it hard on yourself? Show some teeth and flash that beautiful smile.

You can never go wrong smiling.


James said…
:-) keep spreading your smiles.

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