Solving the Rubik's cube

" If others can, why can't I?! "

Here's a motivation that drives me to find out and chronicle how to solve the famous Rubik's cube. Did you know that Erik Akkersdijk from Netherlands holds the Rubik's Cube World Record in "The best time for restoring the cube in an official championship." Held in Czech Open 2008, Erik was able to restore the cube in (drum roll please...) 7.08 seconds, wheew! that fast!... Makes me think what I can do in 7 seconds? Wink, 3 times? Well this man is really something.

I may not make it to the world record (as if) but I'm positive I can restore it, just give me ample time :D... Just to make sure I wont forget it, here's my own way of abusing my neurons and glial cells (aka Brain cells)

Easy Steps to Solve the Rubiks Cube


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