Hillsong: Adonai

First time hearing this song today in CCF Singapore during praise and worship. Hope this song bless your heart just like how it blessed me. Praise God!

The name Adonai literally means My Foundation and by implication My Lord. Its vowels are found in the Massoretic Text with the unpronounceable tetragrammaton " YHWH "; and when the Hebrew reader came to these letters, he always substituted in pronunciation the word " 'adhonay."


I lift my voice
I lift my praise to You
I lift my hands
I lift my worship to You
And I love You more than I can say
Oh I love You more than I can say

Ever I will sing only You will I adore
Glorify my Lord only You will I serve
For the world will fade away
Still my song to You remains
Only You will I adore

Oh I love You always
Oh I love You always

My new #LSS this week 😍


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