Seven Reasons Why You Should Not Climb Mount Kinabalu

By far, climbing Mount Kinabalu is one of the most strenuous venture I put myself into this year.
Do I regret it? Negative! Do I recommend it to my friends? Maybe no! If you are not mentally and physically prepared, its either you hate the mountains or curse me. Every human being has their elements. If you're not the mountain type, this is a warning.

Here's seven reason why you should never ever consider climbing Mt. Kinabalu:

1. Enjoy sunrise, sunset and scenic views not everyone get to see
Reaching Laban Rata basecamp you get to savour sunset and breathtaking landscape. Braving the summit, you'll have a magical moment of sunrise(unless its foggy) reserved only for those with courageous heart.
What could be more beautiful than a rising sun peeking through the horizon as it grace the Earth with its first blaze of sunshine. Glorious!

Sunset at Laban Rata

2. Teach you persistence and humility
Once you start your ascend, there is no turning back. You press on and resolve to finish what you started.
Mountain peaks are mighty, their elevation showcases strength and stability. Despite of your rigid physical training, mountains have a way to humble you and make you realise, you are just a tiny dot on foot wandering in this massive landform (zoom out Google Earth). Never underestimate them.

That's me in tiny red dot in this one massive concrete side of the mountain 

3. Tone your legs, butts and thighs
If you're bored seeing the same equipment in the gym, doing the same routine every week, climbing Mount Kinabalu is a great way to workout your legs while enjoying a spectacular view. The after climb is the most challenging part, as your sore muscles heal and recover you can be assured that you are building stronger lower body.

Unlimited staircases made by nature

4. Travel and explore other countries
Climbing gives you one good reason to book that flight and go to an adventure. It also allows you to learn about the culture of the foreign country you are visiting as you spend time with your mountain guide and learn about the locals.

5. Meet new friends
Most climbers and hikers belong to the positive group of humans. They are warm, grateful and lighthearted souls who are easy to be with. They will encourage you to keep going and overcome yourself. There's something about meeting people with the same intention and common ground.

After Climb (left to right) Ryota, Yui, guide Justin, Mafe, Jeremie and me

* Just noticed, Yui looked like my favourite Japanese mixed double badminton player - Arisa Higashino 💕
* If you are looking for a mountain guide, you can contact Justin in this number Malaysian mobile number 0198014857.

6. Teach you to be resourceful and practical
Mountains will teach you to be flexible and efficient. From packing stuff that is necessary to dealing with unforeseen situation. You'll be amazed to know yourself a little better and be able to cope when you are pushed out of your comfort zone.

7. Learn gratitude
In the midst of busy life, there's so many things we often take for granted. Our own mobility, proper toilets, the clouds, pleasant weather or even as simple as drinking water. Where some could be considered luxury when you are in a mountain. Climbing removes all the noises and distractions we have in the city and allows us to appreciate the moment and the blessings that comes with it.
I am most grateful to be able to finish the climb safely in one piece as a team.

Bazinga! Mount Kinabalu climb is one heck of an experience. It is loaded with excitement, challenges, pain (I would not lie to you), self-realisations, courage but in the end a huge sense of accomplishment.

Mount Kinabalu is calling you!

All photo credits to my energetic, climb-buddy Marife Danas. Strong is the new sexy mah friend!


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