2018: 50 Reasons to be Thankful!

The key to life's happiness? Increase your appreciation, lower your expectation. Everyday is an opportunity to exercise this.

Here's my top of the mind 50 reasons that I am thankful for the past 2018. Thank you 2018! You have been good to me, next 2019!

1. Australia trip with CCF discipleship group ladies
2. Beach and sand
3. My Contigo stainless water bottle - new travel and gym buddy
4. Vanilla flavoured Greek yogurt!!!
5. Hanoi trip with colleagues
6. Being able to experience Vietnamese wedding
7. Food trip in Hanoi
8. Four day trip in Sri Lanka with colleagues
9. Strength and sustenance to hike Sigiriya Lion Rock and Pidurangala
10. Food and elephant safari #SriLanka
11. #Yatching at Lazarus Island c/o DMPD team building
12. #Wednesday Fruit day #DMPD way
13. Long weekends 😍
14. Daily boost of Moccona coffee!!! #coffeeIsLife
15. Siblings trip in Taiwan with Glaiza, Gemson and RJay
16. Food safari in Taipei with people I grew up with #family
17. Birthday cakes and celebration I get to be part of this year
18. Being able to volunteer in church, in the office and in the community
19. Meal prep ideas and youtube videos
20. New discovered/tried perfume scents :) #burberry #ck
21. Highlighters and pens!
22. Being able to progress to 2min x 3 #plank goals
23. Standard Chartered credit card freebies(American tourister cabin luggage) and 138SGD cash back! πŸ‘Œ
24. Post release days! Time to breathe and relax!
25. Learning about zerowaste and starting to live a lifestyle of refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot.
26. DDP team building with All Saints Home Tampines
27. Mondays for free badminton games courtesy of Visa
28. Tuesdays for IDG time and free bowling games courtesy of Visa
29. Wednesdays for GLC 3 classes
30. Thurdays for free badminton games through Visa and discipleship group sessions and dinner with the ladies
31. Fridays only because it's end of the working week
32. Saturdays for either bodysteps class or badminton with CCF church friends
33. Sundays for CCF Sunday service, lunch with dgroup ladies and bodysteps class
34. In short for every single day that God gives us
35. Midyear prayer and fasting to reflect and realign myself
36. Passing CTAL Test Automation Engineer ASTQB Certification
37. #Visa Travel Roadshow for FREE sustainable cutleries and reusable coffee mug
38. July trip to Philippines
39. New ladies who joined our discipleship group this year
40. Healing power of our bodies. I hate takings meds 😑
41. Christmas and New year holidays in the PH with the whole family
42. New #diy assembled #fortytwo office chair
43. Code freeze December!!!
44. Learning about #minimalism
45. Good doze of sleep πŸ’€
46. Trainings and certifications passed this year.
47. Grateful πŸ’•
48. Eyes πŸ‘€to enjoy the beauty of God's creation.
49. Healthy year for me and my family in PH
50. Friends and family who came to visit me this year. 


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