Hair for Hope 2017

Last weekend, July 29-30, 2017 The Children's Cancer Foundation had their 15th annual head shaving event Hair for Hope in Vivo City. This is the only head-shaving event in Singapore that serves to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer. Every shaven head represents an understanding by an individual of the ordeals that a child with cancer is subjected. It is encouraging every single child with cancer by making a statement that it is okay to be bald and they are not alone in their fight with cancer.

Day one alone, there were more than 1300 shavees both registered and walk-in who made the event a success. Different kinds of people from different walks of life - kids at least 7 years old, students, young adults, parents, aunties and uncles, men and even women had their hair shaved to show support to children with cancer. Out of 1300++ shavees on first day less than 300 of them were brave women who did not hesitated to sacrifice their crowning glory which they took care for many years to grow, their hair.

Vivo city central court was filled with warmhearted and courageous souls who participated in shaving and big hearted sponsors and volunteers who gave more than their time but their heart for this event. Kudos to everyone who made this event possible! Thank you for the opportunity to be part and witness this heartwarming charitable cause.

Visa volunteers


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