Wicked in Singapore

The award-winning Broadway and West End musical "Wicked" graced us last year showing at Mastercard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands Singapore.


Wicked has captivated 50 million theatregoers of all ages(including us) and is already one of Broadway and the West Ends's most celebrated and successful musicals of all time.

Wicked also was a winner of 100 international awards including three Tony Awards on Broadway and two Olivier Awards in London's West. Wicked's spectacular stage musical features astounding technical wizardry, stunning costumes and show-stopping songs by the three-time Academy Award winner Stephen Schwartz. [Excerpts from Wicked brochure]

The awards alone qualifies this musical as a must-see show and also one of the reason why I am writing a throwback post for this world class musical. Blog-worthy.

Though we did not brave to take photos during the shows(as it is prohibited), we had our fare share of snaps before the show started. Pardon my rugged clothing as I was suppose to go for a badminton game after the show so didn't bother to dress up 😏 which I later regretted after seeing ladies in their fancy dresses, like its not everyday you get to watch Wicked right? (Next time Girlie!)

The experience was pure euphoria -- from the talented performers, to original songs, to enchanting production and parade of costumes. Best treat you can give to your ears and eyes. Wicked revolves in the theme of finding one's individuality, standing for what you believe and unfolding friendships.

Jacqueline Hughes (Elphaba's) stint of "Defying Gravity" was a front runner act which shows a lot of emotions and chills. Carly Andersen (Galinda I meant Glinda's) "Popular" is a new favourite from added in my playlist. But if there's one track I looked forward to, that is Elphaba's and Glinda's duet "For Good" their farewell piece to each other. The song highlighted friendship, forgiveness and how their lives were changed because of each other. I have to close my eyes to enjoy and savour the live performance that very moment, as if the world stopped for a second. It was surreal feeling to hear one of your favourite song sang live in front of you. Bradley Jaden (Fiyero's) "Dancing Through Life" sticks to my head for some time and so added it in my LSS list.

It was indeed a wicked experience altogether.
Thank you Wicked The Musical for making us a part of this bewitching vocal production.


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