Basic Korean I Learned from Watching Korean Drama Part II

Still cannot get over Korean drama so last week I found myself marathoning sports drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo, inspired by the Olympic gold medalist Jang Mi-ran.

Its quite fascinating to watch the lives of athletes - their discipline in training, commitment to their sport, frustrations and at the same time how they have fun.

While I enjoy seeing this cheerful and entertaining KDrama, I also learned new words and phrases I could add to my Korean vocabulary:

Mister - Adjusshi
Uncle - Samchon
Sorry - Mi Ahn hae / Mianhaeyo
Awesome - Dae bak
Hello(on the phone) - Yeoboseyo
Really? - Jinjja?
That's right / Absolutely - Georeomyo
I miss you - Bugoshipuh / Bugoshipuhyo (formal)
Are you okay? - Gwenchanah? / Gwenchanahyo? (formal)
Don't go - Gajima
I'm hungry - Baegopayo
Let's eat - Bap mukja
It's delicious! - Massh iss uh yo!
Please - Joo Sae Yo / Sae Yo (formal)
It's delicious - Mah Sit Sso Yo
Long time no see - Olen-maniya
Nice to meet you - Mannaseo bangapseumnida


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