Five Signs that Women Are Stronger than Men

Growing up I was raised believing that men by nature are stronger than women, sure we can find few exceptions of tougher woman compared to a weaker man, but in general men are stronger than women, at least physically.

However there are few aspects where I can argue that women could be more powerful than men.

1. Handling pain
Women have proven that they have this outstanding capability to withstand pain better than men. This is manifested during monthly period, pregnancy and childbirth.

2. Wearing high heels
Woman is born to wear high heels at least once in her life or if she's really talented wears it frequently and by frequently it can mean everyday which I don't think man can survive even for an hour.

3. Facing problems
Men are now three times likely to commit suicide compared to women. At least this is what the researchers disclosed through comprehensive health records. Check this PsychCentral post to find out I am not fabricating and practicing sexism here :)

4. Shopping spree
Women have this incredible ability of skimming through all the possibilities of sales, discounts and good deals. If shopping for men means knowing what he needs and going directly to the shop to purchase it, shopping for women is a whole day safari of exploring options and comparisons. I can imagine those sturdy leg muscles that never get tired hopping through shop after shop.

5. Life expectancy
Again let the statistics speak for itself that women outlive men. Though recent findings shows that life expectancy gap between men and women has now dropped to less than four years.

More than the biceps, triceps, x pack of abs and muscle strength, I have high respect for men who use their physical power not to take advantage of others but as an advantage to serve humanity.

Regardless of gender, real strength is not measured by your physical prowess but with your strong ability to smile even if the whole world is frowning at you, your positive energy that can influence people around you, your courage to face the unknown and your staying power to endure the present believing that every cloud has a silver lining.


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