A Man Fell in a Hole

“A man fell in a hole. He fell in a hole and he could not get out. A traveler passed by, he told the man to meditate to purify his mind, and when he reached Nirvana all suffering would stop. The man did as he was told, but he remained in the hole. Another man appeared. He explained that the hole didn't exist and neither in fact did the man. It was all an illusion. The man, who did not exist was still stuck in the hole that was not there. Another visitor arrived. He instructed the man to do good deeds to improve his Karma. Although he would still die in the hole, he might be reincarnated as something magnificent. Another man looked down from above, he taught the man to pray 5 times a day facing east and to follow 5 important tenets. If he was faithful one day perhaps the divine would set him free. The man prayed as best he could, but he was losing strength, and in the hole he remained. Another man appeared, but there was something different about him. He called down to the man in the hole and asked him if he wanted to be free. This man lowered himself into the earth and into the pit. He took hold of the man and dragged him into the light. The man in the hole who could not get himself out of the hole was saved.”


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