Ten Life Gems I Learned from my Mom

1. If anyone comes to you for help, it took the person tremendous amount of courage to come to you and ask.

2. Family is forever.

3. Cooking should not be that complicated. I learned to cook paksiw na bangus or fish stew in vinegar from my mom in three easy steps: First, clean the fish. Then in a pan mix all the ingredients and wait to boil. Once the fish eye pop its done. Serve hot and enjoy!

4. Parents don't have favorites, its just that some of their offspring need them more than than the others. So if there's a point in your life growing up that you felt you are less favorite, maybe it's because you are among the superior set of children - healthy, independent, smart and resourceful ones. Compared to your sickly sister or rebellious brother who needs more guidance.

5. If you are still single and in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, open your eyes real BIG. This is the right time to look for flaws and shortcomings of your partner and settle in yourself if you are willing to accept them wholly. Once you get married, adjust your preferences. Now it's fine to keep your eyes half open.

6. It's better to give than be the one in the other end asking for help.

7. Every cloud has a silver lining. Whatever circumstance you are right now, it will surely come to pass. It is just a phase, you'll get through it. My mom taught me to not focus on the present suffering, instead purposely choose to look forward for the light at the end of the tunnel.

8. Forgiveness sets you free. The people we love have the biggest potential of hurting us. Sometimes we have all the right to get mad at them and it felt good to harbor those grudges but in the end find ourselves in prison with our emotions.

9. It's okay to make mistakes. Everyone does anyways, but how you respond to your failures will set you apart from others.

10. Take every opportunity to save. Back in elementary days my mother opened a junior savings account for me and my siblings in one of the local banks to develop in us the habit of saving. During summer we find opportunity to make our summer memorable by earning through selling barbeque or halo-halo outside our home. On Christmas seasons, she encourage us to save the money we receive from our godparents. Growing up saving has become my lifestyle and never a chore. 

While others may claim they have the perfect mom in the world, I don't. Yes, I have a flawed mom who modestly admits that she made mistakes in the past but rise through it. For me this is the best life lesson I have learned from her.


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