Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grateful Daughter

I quoted "I believe that moms are the bravest people on earth." from one of the many list I wrote in my One-word project "Believe." Do I need to present evidence to prove this statement? I will not be here if my mom did not took the leap of faith in conceiving me first in her mind then in her precious womb, took good care of me for nine long months in spite of all the physical and psychological changes she needed to go through and finally took that courage to deliver me even if it would mean putting her life at risk.

Mothers are indeed the bravest. Not because they can fight in wars and battle fields. But because they are willing to sacrifice even their own lives. They are the strongest. Not because they have sturdy muscles that can carry tons of load. But because they can give up their careers even their dreams for their children's welfare. They are the coolest. Not because they can provide the latest gadget and trendy stuff. But because they point you to the essentials of life. They are the prettiest. Not because they have full figured bodies. They had once before childbirth and rearing a family. But more importantly because they possess one soft and big heart who can love unconditionally. They are the happiest. Not because they have all the money in the world. But simply because they had you in their arms when you were still a child.

I read below poem somewhere but cannot find the original so I made my own adaptation :)
At age 3, "I love you, mom! I want to be with you all the time."
At age 7, "It's amazing how my mom knew everything, she's definitely my super hero!"
At age 12, "Hmmm, my mom is becoming annoying. She doesn't understands me at all."
At age 18, "My mom gets through my nerve, I want to leave this house!"
At age 25, "I think my mom is right after all."
At age 30, "I need to see mom and ask her advice on this."
At age 50, "Mom is precious, I don't want to loose her."
At age 70, "I love you, mom! I would give up everything to be with you." 
Heard this in one of the Sunday service's preaching in CCF shared about a mom speaking to her son, 
"Son, if you truly love me, do not build temple or mausoleum when I die. Respect me now, obey me now, while I'm still alive."   
Savour the moment with your moms. Talk to her while she can still hear you. Listen to her while she can still speak. Hug her while she can still feel your touch. Be with her while time allows you to be. 

Celebrate life with her. Cry with her. Travel with her. Dream with her.  

Moms are the diamonds of the family. Pure. Radiant. Authentic. Priceless.  

God bless all the mothers in the world!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I miss gazing at the horizon and wonder how wide is the ocean and how deep is the seas
I miss stepping my bare feet at the beach and feel the fine grains of sands sifts through my toes
I miss watching people and observing facial expressions
I miss talking to my nephews and nieces even if its all childish and non-sense talk
I miss my favorite spot in the dining area where I can eat with the whole family
I miss blogging and writing my heart out
I miss reading books inside a public library with vast collection of books and books. Did I mention book?
I miss the feeling of looking forward to weekends so I can go home to my parents
I miss conversing with my mom/nanay and listening to her stories even if she frequently forgot that she already told it once to me
I miss riding shuttle and public utility vehicles
I miss hearing my nephews and nieces laugh and scream as they play outside the house
I miss planning for trips and writing itineraries
I miss designing scrapbook pages
I miss seeing a rainbow in the sky and trying to figure out where I can find the pot of gold
I miss eating pichi-pichi, a Filipino delicacy made specially by my late grand mother
I miss attending Sunday service with my family together
I miss traffic jams in the Philippines, yes for some weird reason I miss them.
I miss requesting for my favorite dish to my dad/tatay
I miss telling stories to my mom how my week goes

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

Few years back, I wrote in my bucket list post, my desire for my parents to travel abroad with me, especially my mother(nanay) who haven't been outside Philippines. Today, August of 2013, I am crossing this out from the list making it part of my been-there-done-that-items after my parents' four-full-day Singapore trip from August 6 - 12.  I am one happy daughter, seeing how delighted they are.

More than being able to visit the must-see tourist attractions here in Singapore, vacations become more meaningful when it is spent with the family. Travels with family is a valuable investment of time and love. One of the best avenue to nurture relationship, catch up lost time and bridge distance. Travel for me is ♥. To travel with my loved-ones is a dream come true.

Our first official day tour consists of visiting the Gardens by the Bay where you can find different array of flora in Flower Dome, man-made rainforest in Cloud Forest and the majestic Super Trees.

Day 1: Flower Dome

Day 1: Cloud Forest

Day 1: Gardens by the  Bay

Second day is another active and young at heart adventure for my folks. We get to visit Sentosa island and spend the entire day at the different attractions in Universal Studious Singapore.

Day 2: Universal Studios Singapore

Travels are made more meaningful when meeting up with family friends and relatives. We are blessed to have a handful of good friends and relatives who have a big heart to spend time with us and show us around. The whole day is not enough for chit chat, laughter and catching up.

Day 3: Meetups

Day 4: Meet ups

But if there's one best way to wrap up my folk's visit, that is having the privilege to attend Sunday worship service at BKK, Pasir Ris where we get to hear Sarah Balabagan's life testimony. She shared how God rescued her from death penalty as UAE law convicted her for killing her Arab employer acting as self-defence to an attempted rape way back in 1994. More essentially, she witnessed how God rescued her lost and weary soul, how God showed unconditional love she felt she don't deserve, how God gave her peace that transcends human understanding and hope for the future. Sarah was one grateful soul for the new life she has right now with her Saviour Jesus Christ.

Day 4: Sunday service
One fateful trip which I am carving in my heart and strings of memories. Something I could always look back and remember whenever homesickness kicks me in the side. Another ample source of encouragement for me not to give up on my dreams and aspirations in life. To be more hopeful. To travel more. To love more. To give more.

Friday, August 2, 2013


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To be able to draw inspiration in writing this post, I needed to get myself back to running. And boy, I need to mention that its easier said than done. Deciding to run is one thing, executing it is totally a different story.

Every Saturday morning, I struggled to make sure that the force of engaging myself to this activity doesn't end in the mind as my bed appeals to me to sleep ten more minutes which usually ends in hours. But I need to make a choice and that decision should be felt by my feet and my heartbeat as it pound faster while I push myself to make that extra mile.

Fortunately for the past few weeks, I ended up with my feet geared with running shoes, my Runkeeper app and music player dashing through the ground. And as always it felt good.

What motivates me to run? Let me walk you through some of the thoughts and ideas that is running in my head right now :)

Run to empty your mind.
Run to listen to the birds chirping as you pass them by.
Run to marvel on the majestic array of flowers, plants and trees along the road.

Run and let your feet take the freedom to go far.
Run and let the wind blow against your face.
Run and let your heartbeat dance with your feet.

Run as you allow the wind to play with your hair.
Run as you let the Sun touch your fair skin and add color to it.
Run as you face that morning with your renewed strength.

Run and forget what lies behind.
Run and press on what lies ahead.
Run and learn from your past as you face your future.

Run from people who already give up on their dreams and tells you to forget yours.
Run from negative crowd who are easy to criticize others.
Run from critical people who points out mistakes but does not want to be part of the solution.

Run from temptation as it tries to devour you then leave you defeated after giving in.
Run from all your insecurities as it seek to weigh you down.
Run from your enemy not because you're afraid of them but because they're not worth your time.

Run with pocket full of perseverance.
Run with a goal to finish the race.
Run with your loved ones.

Run for yourself.
Run for a healthy future with your spouse and children.
Run for a cause.

But most importantly run because its fun. :)