Isip-Bata: Spelling

Me teaching my 4-yo niece to spell three-letter words in preparation for their Monday exam:

Girlie: Aizel, spell dog
Aizel: (trying to pronounce each sound)
duh duh - D,
do do - O,
dog dog - G
Girlie: Tama! Good job!
After sometime of giving words while my niece tries to spell them, my younger brother buts in
Gemson: Aizel, spell tv
Aizel: (pause.. looks at our television, pause again.. with uncertainty tried to spell the word) T - C - L
Girlie: (bursting into laughter) Ang galing mo beh? (looking at Aizel)
Aizel: (with innocent and curious face) tama tita?
Girlie: LOL


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