Running 101 with Coach Rio

Here are my take homes during Running 101 Talk with the running expert himself Coach Rio last July 17 @CCF ;)

Benefits of Running
* weight loss
* improves cardiovascular strength, increases the size of the heart and makes it stronger.
* improves bones and muscle
* slow down aging, skin becomes tighter
* psychological benefits, releases endorphins

Form and Technique
* relax your shoulder
* elbows atleast 90 degree angle
* swing your arms chest level and without crossing your body midline
* open fist
* choose proper foot plant (heel stride, midfoot or tip toes)
* don't over stride
short stride in faster succession is BETTER than long stride in slower succession

Basic Running Drills
* high knee (tip toes)
* butt kick (tip toes, heel touches the butt)
* Russion march (tip toes, lock the knee)
* back pedal (runs backward)
* drift vine / tango (arms raised sidewards, drifts sideways)


* Hydration
- drink 1-2 hours before your workout
- drink every 10-15 minutes during the race
- drink water sport drink during the race

* Safety Injuries
- RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate)
- During side stitch - stop, press your right side abdomen, inhale and exhale hard


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