How to handle unsolicited questions?

Have you ever encounter situations where you were asked of a very personal question which you don’t feel like answering… as if the spotlight turns on you and you’re caught unprepared. For some this is no big deal question but for others especially those who consider personal stuff as a susceptible matter for discussion, this is a very off-putting situation. Of course you could not just smile and ignore it…

Well, lemme share to you some ways how to sort of get through with this unsolicited questions in a graceful way:

How old are you?

1. I got this idea after attending our oral communications training at Exist.. effective I would say)Throw back the question, “How do you think of my age?” Lemme add some personal advice here… If he answers lower than your real age, then thanked him (it’s a compliment…) but if not just smile, accept if that’s how he thinks of your age but don’t get annoyed resulting to spilling your real age, that depicts the purpose :P
2. You could simply say, “I’m old enough”
3. This item I got from a book, I read before and in this case although you’ll answer the question being asked, but you would add a different spark or wit on how you respond on it. You could tell, “I’m chronologically but biologically 18” then flash the biggest smile you could have just to convince him you do feel young. (BIG grin)

How much do you earn?

1. Simply say, “Just enough for me”
2. Crack it with a joke, “You really want to know how much do I earn? well I’ll give you a clue, it starts with a number and ends with a number”

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
(for single pips)

1. Hmmm… the answer to this question I think depends on the person asking the question, cause if you do trust the person you could honestly say you don’t have one, but what if the person just wants to annoy you… say “Yes.”
2. Or you may act as if you don’t care of your status, then add “No worries, God is still busy creating a wonderful love story just for me”

I like your stuff. How much did you get that?
pertaining to a personal stuff.. can be bag, blouse or dress)

1. Smile and thanked him… focus on the statement, ignore the question.
2. If he insists the question, say “more or less”

And the best answer that we could have, (good news is this applies to any questions that can be thrown to us) if someone asked you an off-putting question, simply asked, “Why do you want to know?” And from his answer you can buy time to think or change the topic…


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